Press Release: March 2014






Anything that helps to cut electricity bills is to be welcomed these days and a new shop opening in May in North London aims to do not just that but much more.

Called simply SKK, the shop specialises in LED (light emitting diode) lighting, the new form of electric light which runs at a fraction of the running costs of conventional systems.

(*Note: Recent US Department of Energy tests showed that an LED light bulb used one sixth of the power of an incandescent light bulb for an equivalent amount of illumination.)

SKK is the brain child of architect and LED lighting designer Shiu-Kay Kan who has been designing, installing and experimenting with LED lighting for over thirty years. The shop is already open part time giving a taste of what will come when he opens full time in May. In April he will be previewing several revolutionary designs and ideas for LED lamps at the Milan Furniture Show.

LED technology

LED technology is not only more economical than normal lighting, it is also highly flexible, and SKK offers a huge variety of lamps and lighting ideas designed on the premises, some serious, and some quite whimsical and amusing.

3-D printer

One of the most impressive features already at work is the desktop 3-D printer which has produced several lamps now for sale in the shop. Eventually it is planned to have three of these printing away in the window where passers-by can watch them turning out small lamps.

Customers will be encouraged to come in with ideas for their own lamps and receive help with turning these into designs the printer can reproduce. LED lamps emit less heat than incandescent ones so 3-D printed enclosures can be used to reduce glare.


SKK is working with final year students from Brunel University on batch production of industrial components available online and foresees a ‘second industrial revolution’ creating jobs within the developed world with the help of the 3-D printer.

SKK at the Milan Furniture Fair

SKK will display many lamps at the Milan Furniture Fair from 8-13 April 2014. They will range from the purely practical to the weird and wonderful with will include new 3-D-printed examples.

SKK – the shop

SKK is a new departure in retail lighting and the shop is light years away from traditional ideas of selling. It will introduce people to the world of LED lighting by means a huge variety of LED lamps and equipment including light bulbs, flexes, plugs and sockets, screens, fibre optics, i-pad controls and Neon LED flex . The Intervention collection is a new range of lamps in shapes derived from animals and insects. Visitors are welcome to drop in to buy a lamp or to make an appointment for advice on lighting problems. They may be offered a coffee and a bun.

A community resource

SKK will act as a hub and a meeting place, an advice centre and retail store. From the official opening in May the shop will be a hub of social networking, art shows, seminars on website design, 3-D printing of LED lights, short cooking courses and much more.


SKK Is at 39 Brecknock Road, London N7 OBT. For more information contact:

[email protected]; [email protected];
or phone 020 9434 4095;


Illustration shows new lamp design ‘Godzilla’ from the Intervention Collection.